These 15 Regular Foods In Your Fridge Could Be Deadly!

Have you ever gotten a particular ingredient that you needed for a recipe only to forget about it after the dish was cooked?

We all have stuff we use on daily basis for our favorite dishes, but there might be some items hiding in the fridge that aren’t used as often.

And some of them can be extremely dangerous to your health.

So read on to find out if you have any of these in your fridge, because you might need to do an urgent inspection today. Pay extra attention to items 9 and 14.

1. Baking Powder

This is a necessary ingredient in many baked dishes to cause them to rise during the baking process. It has a lengthy shelf-life of up to 2 years but only if it’s been properly stored.

The longer baking powder sits once opened, the less effective it will be in your baked goods. Factors like moisture from prolonged exposure to the elements will hinder its freshness.

It’s vital that this ingredient remain tightly sealed and kept in a cool place away from moisture to maintain its integrity.

If you’re unsure about the freshness of your baking powder you don’t necessarily have to toss it out just yet. Do this to determine freshness: add one teaspoon of baking powder to a container of really hot water to see how much it bubbles.

If it produces a lot of bubbles, you are safe.


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