Seven Easy Ways to Make Water Taste Great

Parents face a lot of problems when it comes to their children’s nutrition, and one of these problems is water.

It may sound strange, but it makes sense. Water is not interesting and it doesn’t taste good. And because children don’t want to drink water, they often don’t get hydrated enough to stay healthy.

If you’re having similar problems with your kids then here’s some advice that you may find useful.

Fruit Infusions

Fruit infusions, such as lime, lemon and oranges, can make water tastier without making them unhealthy.

All you need to do is put slices of your chosen fruit into a glass of water and voila. Tasty water.

If your kids still don’t like the taste then try other fruits, like raspberries or strawberries, and if they still refuse to drink then add just a pinch of sugar to give them more incentives.


Juices are more complicated versions of fruit infusions. Buy some natural fruit juices at the store and mix them with water. It’s not the cheapest way to make water tasty, but it is something that works well on kids and adults alike.

Fizzy Drinks

Carbonated water is bad, but if all else fails, then it’s a good way to get your kids hydrated. Fortunately, there are plenty of colas that have reduced sugar and artificial contents, so they are relatively safe to drink provided they are consumed in limited quantities.

Minty Ice Water

If you or your kids like the taste of mint then some minty ice water may just be the best way to keep your bodies hydrated.

All you need to do is get some ice, put them into a glass, fill them with water and crush some mint leaves into the concoction. It will still taste like water, but it has a little something that will make it taste special.


Tea isn’t the best way to make water tasty, but it’s worth trying nonetheless. Not only is tea healthy, it’s also very calming, which is a nice bonus if you can get past the taste. Fortunately, tea is very malleable.

For example, you can add a little bit of lemon and sugar, and you will have a nice lemon blend to give to your kids or anyone who doesn’t get enough fluids each day.

Consommes and Bouillons

Consommes and bouillons are French words for concentrated stock soup and broth, and are great ways to keep kids and adults hydrated whenever they refuse to drink water.

It takes time and effort to prepare these items, but the final products are quite worth it. Consommes and bouillons are healthy, tasty and appetizing. They also make nice snacks for kids who don’t like to wait for meals.

Ice Candy

Remember that fruit infusion we mentioned? If your kids still refuse to drink it then turn it into ice candy. Ice candy is a lot like ice cream except without the flavoring and artificial contents.

They are also cold, and kids generally like licking cold foods. Same with some adults. So if your family isn’t getting hydrated then this may be the solution you need.