Exercise At Home. Quick Tips


Working out as important as eating healthy but you might not be in the financial situation to join a gym, or perhaps you hate working out in public.

There could be MANY reasons why you don’t want to join a gym but that doesn’t mean you cannot exercise. There are many exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home so let’s have a look what they are.

Jumping jacks

This is a great cardio based workout that will also exercise your joints and firm/shape your legs and buttocks. Do this for a few minutes and your heart rate will raise quickly, this is an ideal warm up exercise for any workout. Besides, it will help you to maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

– You start by standing up straight with your arms by your sides.

– Jump out, spreading your legs and as you do so, bring your arms up into the air.

– Quickly jump back into your starting position and repeat in quick succession.


Squats are a vital lower body exercise, they burn calories AND will help you sculpt some amazing buns. Make sure your form is right on this move or you won’t be experiencing the full benefits.

– Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart.

– Sit back and down as if you are in a chair, sticking your butt out and keeping your back straight.

– Return to your start position and repeat as required.


These are a little more difficult than the exercises that have been mentioned so far but they are very effective. They burn lots of calories and more importantly fat, so you can get to your goal weight in no time.

– Get into the squat position before touching the floor and jumping your legs behind you.

– You should end up in a push up position before coming forwards again and repeating.

Standing calf raises

The standing calf raise burns some calories but it’s mostly done as a toning exercise and it’s very effective for that very purpose.

– Stand up straight before lifting yourself up so you are on tip toes.

– Stay as tall as you can and hold this position for around 5 seconds before coming back down.

Do this for around 20 repetitions if you want to experience maximum muscle burn.

Seat dips

Seat dips or chair tricep dips work areas of your body that are difficult with other exercises. They tone your arms and overall give you improved body strength.

– Take a chair and sit on it, rotate your arms so your palms are facing away from you and hold onto the top of the seat.

– Move away from the chair while still holding on, so your body ends up parallel.

– Drop your weight down and lower, keeping your back as close to the chair as possible.

– Your arms should stay at a ninety degree angle as you dip down and come back up.


These simple exercises allow you to workout at home without joining a gym. They are very easy to do and will help you lose weight/tone your body in all those areas where you need it most.