Food Combinations So Deadly They Could Kill You (But Probably Won’t)

Fruit with Any Other Food

3. Fruit with Any Other Food

The thought behind this one is that fruit is fast and easy to digest but other foods stay in the stomach longer. Therefore, when that fruit stays behind with the rest of your meal, it becomes fermented in your stomach. This is a really prevalent myth that would have people eat fruit only by itself and only if you won’t be eating again for hours.

In reality, while the sugars do digest quickly, the fiber in fruit takes longer and slows the absorption of that sugar into your bloodstream – this is a good thing that helps prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. Eating fruit with other food may slow digestion, but it doesn’t stop it. And, the acidic environment in your stomach makes fermentation there extremely unlikely in any circumstance.

Should you avoid it? Absolutely not. Fruit is an excellent addition to all kinds of foods, from cereals and bread to proteins and salads.

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