Food Combinations So Deadly They Could Kill You (But Probably Won’t)

Mint in Carbonated Drinks

2. Mint in Carbonated Drinks

The story goes that mixing mint into carbonated beverages like soda creates a deadly dose of cyanide. Many memes have circulated with gruesome pictures that encourage people to share this life-saving info with their friends and family. However, the basic assertion is utter nonsense.

Now, you are probably aware that mint and soda does create a fantastic chemical reaction; search up some YouTube videos of Mentos & Coke experiments if not. But there is no cyanide. No one has ever died by consuming mint and carbonated beverages together. The worst you could expect is the longest burp of your life or perhaps projectile vomiting and an associated tummy ache. Cyanide? Nah.

Should you avoid it? This can be a fun science experiment but it may cause some discomfort. If you love the flavor of mint in soda, there are various brands available to purchase or you can make it at home. Simply use mint-infused simple syrup rather than straight mint.

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